Little Hope for Improved Laptop Displays

I already was not in the market for one of Apple’s newest MacBook Pros, if only because they do not come with SSD (solid state drives) or Blu Ray. Those are the only things that would give me a real advantage in day-to-day use over my Mac Mini.

After all, my Mac Mini has an awesome 24" S-IPS display hooked up. Apple’s laptops come with substandard displays. It seems that the people that attempted to create a class-action suit did not get far, presumably because imaging professionals find any LCD display to fall short of what is needed. 

I would have liked Apple to bring about better displays – after all they did seem to bring out good displays in other sizes before anybody else. I still love their 30" display, even if the Mac Mini doesn’t have good enough video hardware to work with that many pixels.

This way I at least save some money, presumably for something more important to my life.


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