Building an HDTV Antenna

By greenteapanda

March 23, 2008

Category: Entertainment

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Like in other places, one is better off viewing HDTV over the air rather than through cable. This requires having a separate antenna. Since most people have cable, antennas are hard to come by. I did not find any in stores that might be expected to have them. Online if I search for antennas, I only find results for things like mobile phone antennas or antennas for computer wireless networking.

Nothing for TV antennas. I asked my coteacher if there was a place I could buy a TV antenna, and she said she hasn’t seen them in stores for at least 10 years. It seems they are not making a comeback here as they are in places like the USA.

I did get a retracting antenna with a USB HD adapter I recently got to record the KBS News report I was on, and possibly for other future items when I have the disk space, but that is not much better than hanging coaxial cable out the window as I often do now.

Because of Slashdot, I recently found out about an improved DIY antenna design. There is a message board where the design was discussed and optimised. I have the cardboard and the coathangers. I just need to go to Yongsan to buy some of the other parts to build this one myself. There is nothing like Radio Shack here, so I have to go there during normal business hours, likely some Saturday morning in my case.

There are good pictures of a built version here.


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