The net surrounding my building…

… is no more. My most recent bout of having difficulty with Internet access was not at all related to me going away for awhile. It did not have to do with problems at the pole. Somebody, somewhere, somehow decided the most efficient way to make the building look nicer would be to cut off access to all the cables.

They did not call a tech to go around and give scheduled appointments. Instead, they just waited for people like me to call up and complain that Internet (and possibly TV access) were out of order.

My cable to the pole might have been one of the first to be cut, but over the past week, all the other cables have been cut. instead of one pole with cables fanning out to about one hundred different apartments outside, people that have cable/Internet access have their cables going out the window and up to the top of the building.

There are now only two cables on each side of my long building. They go from the pole to the roof. I’d think those poles are out of balance, since there are still a bunch of wires hanging off of them going to other buildings in the vicinity.


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