In flight movies

By greenteapanda

March 21, 2008

Category: Transportation

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Flying China Southern from Seoul to Shanghai and back had an aspect I hadn’t yet encountered, even on discount airlines. They showed ads during the in-flight movies. They seemed to come on more often than one might see on television as well.

The only thing is that the headphone jacks in the aircraft did not actually output any sound. I tried all my various adaptors, but nothing helped me hear anything. The subtitles on the movies were in English. I can’t see too many of the Koreans or Chinese on the flight purchasing any items if they don’t understand the meaning of the ads.

Other than a solid block of balding white foreigners occupying the entire business class cabin up front, there did not seem to be many people on the aircraft with English as a second, or possibly even a third language. While knowing English in many cases seems to be a matter of face, or at least the minimum required for daily interaction, these ads did not use that subset of English.


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