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By greenteapanda

March 19, 2008

Category: Travel

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The most recent time in Shanghai, I was actually quite pleased to go on the subway. Not just because it has grown immensely since my last time there in 2004, but also because of what was not there anymore. One of the times I never felt more sick on my travels happened to be in Shanghai. I think it had to do with tap water being used to prepare various drinks and dishes I had at the time. In any case, it was the fast moving and jerky images on LCD screens on the subway that made me feel liking puking. Why they couldn’t just use a print ad was beyond me. Since then, any ad I see on an LCD screen in a subway I take note of. I take note never to buy or use that company’s products again. This time, I did not add any products to my list, because many of the screens were gone. Due to vandalism or due to the screens breaking of old age, I have no idea. I am just glad they were gone.

Of course, that meant LCDs had to appear elsewhere, like in Shanghai taxis:

I only use motorised transportation when I have to. I can see a lot more when I move myself. Xiamen, for example, has many images of carton characters on their walkways.

I can also take better pictures of my surroundings if I don’t have to do it through a dirty glass window. Not just the fact there is nothing to obscure the image (other than precipitation), but also because I can mess around with camera settings until I get the combination of white balance, focus, aperture, etc. I like the best.


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