Botanical Gardens 廈門植物園

By greenteapanda

March 17, 2008

Category: Travel

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Besides Nanputuo Temple and Xiamen University, the main thing to see on Xiamen Island is the botanical garden. Or so they say. It is supposed to have a bunch of unique plants. Other than the cactus garden, I did not feel it was a particularly interesting botanical garden. Just going for a hike in Hong Kong will expose you to at least as many interesting plants. Singapore’s gardens seem much more comprehensive for about the same entrance cost. Xiamen’s botanical garden really just felt more like a big city park that happened to have a bit more plant variety than usual. For an interesting city park within mainland China, I’d suggest going to Guiyang instead.

Like an average park…

At least with the lack of people, it is good for rest. The method of stabilising rocks with small twigs seemed interesting. I guess it is kind of like feeling comfortable on a bed of nails, since each nail is only a small part of the support needed to lie there.

The cactus graden I enjoyed:

There was also a "rainforest" good for photos, but not that interesting in terms of plant variety.


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