Alligators love to eat Chinese money!

By greenteapanda

March 13, 2008

Category: Travel

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On the topic of aquariums, on the way back from Xiamen, I stopped in Shanghai. I went through the Bund Tourist Tunnel there. I did it mainly because there was a sex museum exhibit. I bought a more expensive ticket to do it, even though I thought the other exhibitions would not be interesting. First, a view in the tunnel:
At the end, I was able to see several exhibitions. The Sex Museum was pretty pathetic compared to the actual Sex Museum that used to be in Shanghai before it was forced to move elsewhere. That one had plenty of research material on the topic of sexuality and things related to it. Even if you have access to research at a university, it would have been pretty hard to top. The one at the end of the tourist tunnel is just a room with some figurines and text you are not allowed to take pictures of.
That doesn’t mean my money was wasted. I got better pictures than in the Xiamen Aquarium.
What made my day, was not the fish, but the preserved alligator that is on top of the world. On top of the world thanks to eating lots of low value (1RMB and less) Chinese money:

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