Xiamen Aquarium

By greenteapanda

March 12, 2008

Category: Travel

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Close to the dock most people arrive at – the Xiamen Aquarium. It is somewhat expensive – 80RMB. By that measure, other aquariums are a better value. Cheaper and/or a much greater selection of sealife. For most people, the giant octopus outside is probably the biggest attraction – and that part is free. For me, there is at least the side-by-side English and Chinese descriptions, so when I have the time, I can go back and improve my knowledge of aquarium Chinese.
Also, the others probably have a better show. I did get one good shot, but even for Chinese people, the announcer’s attempts at making jokes fell a bit flat. This was that shot…
While I was there, I had two cameras. My normal Panasonic FZ50, and the Canon I bought to go to North Korea with. While I was there, the Canon appeared to be taking better shots – looking at the built in LCD, anyhow. I assumed it was because there was a special Aquarium mode to use on the Canon. The best one on the Panasonic, ‘food’, seemed too slow to capture fish. In actuality, the Canon shots were blurry and did not focus properly. Without a zoom ring, I found it very difficult to manipulate. Out of 200 shots on the Canon, these are the best I could do:
I thought it might be good to keep the Canon camera for scuba purposes (there is a purpose-built underwater case for it), but now I am not so sure. Even taking into account the curvature of glass in the aquarium made fish seem 25% smaller than they actually are, I don’t think being in the water would help things.
Maybe I am just looking for excuses to get my dream camera. It may be $5000US without any lenses, but it survives being dropped from two storey buildings no problem.

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