New Internet Connection

I left my computer on the entire time I was in China, simply so I would not lose the connection and have to wait for it to be restored, as has happened on every other trip I’ve taken away from Seoul since I came here. It was in vain, since I lost the connection anyway yesterday.
I have one of the supposedly nifty, new DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems that is capable of 160Mbps speeds. When it worked before, I got as much as 39Mbps, from a server within Korea. Overseas sites were slower, but quick to respond. Nowhere close to my connection I had in Japan, where I saw as high as 92Mbps on the 100Mbps FTTH line I had there. It is not from cable channel interference either, since the cables go to a Telecom company, not a cable company.
The connection is faster today. Rather than simply reconnect the cable on the end of the cable outside my apartment, the guy cut the cables. There was an old one and a newer one – both cut. Those cables went directly from my apartment window to a pole outside (in fact every apartment is connected that way, creating a web on each side of the building). There are also some other cables that come in from the hallway side of my apartment, also cut off. In any other country, I’d think they’d want to remove the old cables, since they contain valuable copper in the middle. Here, they just pile up as newer technologies get added.
The new cable goes up to the roof. From there, who knows? But the speed is faster, and hopefully I won’t get disconnected and need to call the telecom company again. It is bonding an additional channel compared to before, so my theoretical top speed also increased.

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