Mac MPEG Encoding

Yesterday evening, after class, I rushed out to buy a ATSC USB tuner for my Mac, so I could record the KBS report that night. I was able to set it up and record without too much problem, and got some exercise in the process.

The only problem is that the 5 minute report I recorded takes up 700MB of disk space. Apple supposedly sells a Quicktime MPEG2 component that allows HD material recorded from broadcast (MPEG2) to be converted to other formats. Here in Korea, it says that Quicktime 6 is necessary, whereas Mac OS 10.5 already includes Quicktime 7.  There is no mention of Quicktime 7 compatibility.

The same search on the US store results in a listing of components, but clicking on the one for Mac OS X brings me to a "Hmm, the page you’re looking for can’t be found."

Nice to know they care about my ability to convert video… anyhow, I remembered that I could use FFmpegX. It worked a long time ago for me, when I had a PPC Mac.  It has not been updated much since becoming Intel Native, and only two months ago did a Mac OS 10.5 compatible version come out. Supposedly compatible… many of the options I try result in no movie conversion, or do not work as expected. I have yet to find settings that give me a file of decent quality that is smaller than the original.


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