Taco Bell in Shanghai no more

It was good while it lasted. Last night when I was there, I found a bastardized version of KFC containing some Chinese fast foods as well in the space once occupied by Taco Bell Grande. According to this other blog post, Taco Bell in China is considered a failure just as it was in the past for Korea and Japan. Though I have heard rumors of a new Taco Bell opening in Osaka, I will have to see it happen to believe it.

I could suggest one reason for failure – Taco Bell Grande in no way actually resembled the original from North America. The one in Shanghai had waitresses, you paid your bill after eating, you could drink alcohol there, and the food itself was entirely different.

I should note that the Dongfang whatever it is restaurant that replaced Taco Bell in the same space, and also run by Yum Brands is in the more traditional pay-when-you-order setup with cheap foods like Taco Bell is in the USA. And much emptier than I ever saw that Taco Bell Grande be in the same location:


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