Moving Day

By greenteapanda

February 21, 2008

Category: Education

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The principal decreed that the English class would move next door for the upcoming semester. It seems like the process of moving could have started much earlier, but it helped to serve as a reminder of just how much of a pack rack teachers can be. The items stuck to the walls aren’t even a tenth of all the materials the class has.

The moving process started once I proofread an English booklet to be handed out to students. Just one problem there – the booklet relied on an EBS program (an educational station here) with incorrect terminology being used by the supposedly native speaker on the programme. For example, saying "sweet pepper" for what is clearly a "bell pepper." Sweet peppers are similar, but tend to be longer and thinner than the short and stubby bell peppers. I even took the time to look at the Wikipedia article, which indicates this is not an English dialect difference. In a place like Korea, with many types of peppers available, one would expect the people writing the script to be more discerning.

Anyhow, as part of the moving process, I got to relocate my desk. I chose to put it in the back corner. The desk in the old classroom wasted valuable space at the front of the classroom and blocked my ability to walk freely around the teacher’s desks to access student desks. The new location does not use up much prime real estate in the class and will allow me to not interrupt other classes if I am not assigned teaching duty in the English homeroom, but still need to go in and out to prepare future classes.

I moved all the furniture around and brought in much of the material that won’t be tossed away, but the classroom won’t be ready for use until somebody uses a vacuum cleaner in there. Even the existence of a broom would have helped. Money to rip out an entire section of building for a new cafeteria and kitchen? No problem. Money to buy just one cheap vacuum cleaner to clean up all the dust after? That apparently is a problem.


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