Small things to make the environment better

A friend pointed me out to this page about how to do little things to improve the environment. Some of the standard things there like turning off the lights and heat when you are not using them, but also some other more unusual ones I hadn’t known before.
For example, some people have found that using soap nuts/soap berries are a superior alternative to laundry detergent. They have been used in India for centuries. I don’t know where to procure them in Korea, but it will be something to try somewhere I can locate them. I wonder how much better they are for the environment, since detergent as it was originally discovered was actually discovering a use for industrial waste. Before what ends up now as detergent ended up as smoke in the air since it was a byproduct that had to be burnt. Then again, perhaps there is another use that doesn’t get into the water table/oceans for those chemicals.
Some other ideas on the page like greywater recycling may or may not be legal in your locality. Same with bringing your own container for takeout restaurants – health department codes might prevent the restaurant from legally putting food into your container/bag.

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