Tatami mats make children smarter

By greenteapanda

February 18, 2008

Category: Living

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Yet another advantage of traditional Japanese architecture – tatami mats make children that study on them smarter than those who study in a western-style room.
Morita tells Nikkan Gendai that the rush reeds used to make tatami mats contain plenty of aroma compounds such as phytoncide, emitted by forest trees, and vanillin, a substance found in vanilla. He says these fragrances combine to provide relaxation and make it easier to become more intimate with your surroundings.
It comes from a tabloid, but it would sure be great if it is actually true! I can think of reasons why a tatami would be better even without the aromas, such as the fact it would be more comfortable and more like being in a nice home. It would personaly remind me of a Japanese tea ceremony… so it would be quite relaxing.

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