3-Iron 빈집 空房子

I was recomended the movie 3-Iron (빈집) by a Chinese friend. The English and Korean titles emphasize a different aspect of the movie than the Chinese one does – 空房子 (vacant house). Since it was made in 2003, I can’t use it as an example of Korean cinema improving quality. In fact, Korean movies lately have been more about quantity than quality. But this one, which I hadn’t watched, is a gem.
The basic premise is a guy that lives out of people’s homes while they are away on vacation or away on business, without their knowledge. If it were a Hollywood movie, it would probably just use that idea and encounters with people that happen to come home at the wrong time to drive the storyline. One of the things I like about Korean movies is that unexpected things happen, and the movie does not necessarily end the way a person that wants a happy ending would have it end.
Maybe part of the special appeal was the fact the main character was not a transient person, but I college-educated intelligent person that doesn’t speak very much. Makes it easier to envision myself doing the same thing.

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