Korean Hanja Input on the Mac

‘Hanja’ is the Korean term for Chinese characters. It seems that Apple’s Mac OS 10.5.2 documentation finally has information about converting Korean hangul to hanja, but it does not show up in a search. Much easier to search my own blog, so I can find this link about Korean input on the Mac. Mostly still applicable, even though it is for Mac OS 10.2.

Unfortunately, there is not a way for me to do reverse conversion back to hangul, the way I can with Japanese. So I still am unsure about the pronunciation of my Chinese name in Korean (I know 2 of 3 character’s Korean pronunciation). It would certainly help me learn Korean, even though the only documentation with hanja I run into on a regular basis are higher educational journals in the teacher’s room at school. In ordinary life, the only hanja I see are very basic – the stuff a beginner Chinese student would learn in their first week of study.


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