Mac OS 10.5.2 update

Some sites say 10.5.2 is what Mac OS X should have been when 10.5 was released. If so, there is still a lot of work to be done. I don’t have many of the problems other people have, because I found workarounds to the problems in Mac OS 10.5 and 10.5.1. I used ACL Fix to get rid of all the ACL errors in disk utility – though running it as a root user. Pulling that feat off requires other programs like Pseudo. Haven’t needed to pull that stunt to fix a problem on Mac OS X in years.

Anyhow, the list of bugs that have yet to be fixed or are new, even though they have been reported.

  1. Though it is possible to have folders in the dock show hierarchal lists, aliases to folders do not get resolved. Previous Mac OS X versions could resolve the aliases, as can a freeware utility called Hierarchical Dock.
  2. All 1080p video seems to be somewhat choppy. Benchmarks show faster graphics, but it seems this was achieved by not drawing intermediate frames to the screen in many case. It seems to not even attempt to draw intermediate frames in 1080p video, even for simple videos. 720p is smooth just as before.
  3. still does not play any sounds when new mail arrives.
  4. VLC still does not allow me to move the video window to a different space, and sometimes goes to the space I don’t want the video window to go to on its own.
  5. iChat still cannot make a video connection when Internet Sharing is enabled.
  6. iChat still randomly loses the video connection.

And some good things about the update:

  1. My Mac Mini runs a few degrees cooler.
  2. After installing the updates, about 300MB of disk space were freed up. Good because I initially had to delete files just to install the update. Software Update said I needed to have at least 2.9GB of disk space free in order to install. Still, I should get a larger hard disk.
  3. Programs do indeed seem to be a lot more stable. No programs I use crash now, even though some of them crashed regularly before.

I would have talked about this early on my blog, but the installer for 10.5.2 would not work initially. It said I needed to have at least 2.9GB of space free. I decided to move some files around and optimise the drive. 62,000 files were fragmented. The optimisation process took 27 hours to complete.

Once I freed up space, it the updates downloaded in 66 seconds, or  2.77MB/s (above 22Mbit). Not bad, though my Internet connection should be faster. Incidentally, the Internet connection in 10.5.2 seems to be slightly slower than before, but I can’t quantify it.

I can quantify that speed-wise, 10.5.2 is virtually identical to 10.5.1. Running Xbench before I optimised my drive, I got a score of 102. It went up to 114 after optimisation. After installing 10.5.2, the score dropped to 98. Installing the graphics update raised the score to 116, though the graphics do not feel faster. It just feels like frames that were animated before are skipped to help the perception of speed.


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