New Camera

By greenteapanda

February 5, 2008

Category: Travel

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For the Chinese New Year, I am going somewhere my current camera is too good. I needed to buy something with a less than 160mm lens.

I decided on getting what is in Korea (and many other countries) the Canon IXUS 960IS. In Japan, it is called the IXUS 2000IS. According to Kakaku, the lowest price in Japan right now for the camera is 33,180 Japanese Yen. In Korean won, that would be 292,869 won (around $320US). The cheapest price for a Canon IXUS 960IS in Korea, online, is 358,000 won. I bought mine somewhere in Yongsan today for 347,000, using a credit card.

The Japanese model can be found online in Korea for as low as 320,000 won online, plus delivery. Given that I opened up three boxes before I was satisfied that my camera had an adequate shutter (several did not seem to close flat and flush), I was happy to buy in person. Because I paid with a credit card, it cost me more. It would have been 330,000 won without a credit card – but I don’t want to do that, since I want to have money for my China trip coming up shortly.

The guy seemed desperate to make money off of me in some way, as it was pretty obvious he was making little/no profit on the camera itself. I could care less about a carrying case – I never use them unless I can stuff additional things inside. I figure this camera has a Titanium case for a reason! Also, I didn’t buy a memory card because he only had 1 and 2GB cards. I wanted a 16GB card at the very least (I already have an 8GB card, and it is full).

Anyhow, since the camera is grey market, it comes with Japanese accessories. That means a plug usable in regular outlets in Japan, China, the USA, Taiwan, and anywhere that has outlets to charge people’s shavers. Korean plugs are much bulkier in addition to requiring an adapter anywhere outside Korea (though to their benefit, I’ve never seen a Korean plug arc electricity). No Korean in the menus, but I could care less. There are both Japanese and English available.

One oddity – the camera came with a 32MB SD card. That is megabytes, not gigabytes! I’d think they would have to go out of their way to make a card with such low capacity. Even 1GB cards cost 5USD online. In a 32MB card, it would seem the addition of memory would make the card itself worth less than if they had just given people a piece of plastic in the shape of an SD card.


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