The good part of things going wrong

By greenteapanda

January 29, 2008

Category: Education


Treasure hunts can be fun for students. Hence, it my co-teacher thought it would be a good idea to have a treasure hunt as a sort of year-end review (the school year begins in March in Korea). I agreed, wondering how I would fit a lot of the grammar and vocabulary into something usable for the treasure hunt. I figured out a way, and set things up. I took flashcards that seemed to suggest certain ideas, and asked questions using the grammar/structures of every chapter in the book.

As I got that far, something had to go horribly wrong. One of the mentally challenged students decided to take down all the pictures. All the students had to be called back to the English homeroom when it continued, and class for them wasn’t fun after that. It was up to me to put the pictures back up. So I did – and in some cases I put them in places even I had troubles reaching, such as on the ceiling.

The other classes were warned pretty strictly not to take the pictures down, for those few that would now be in their reach.

In the afternoon, perhaps related to the disposal of all the old desks and chairs, one of the boards with some picture cards I had laminated for English camp also disappeared. That means I will have to change one of the questions slightly. Another benefit comes out of that – there is an answer key. If students in tomorrow’s class copies answers from that answer key, I will know…


2 Responses to “The good part of things going wrong”

  1. They might also engineer the answers so that they are correct, yet different enough that you will not tell cheating occur. However, if that happens, it may turn out that the potential cheater actually learns the material. That is unfortunate for the bit of hostility from the student end, but with those ages, it is probably to be expected. Maybe (hopefully) they will outgrow their immaturity?

  2. In what were my worst behaved classes, the one student that did try to take the hints off the wall got berated by fellow students to the point the student in question put the hints back where they went. I still had to retape them, but it is good to see some kids are more mature. The problem is mostly with kids that have been allowed to get away with a very low standard of behaviour for a very long period of time.

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