Caller ID

By greenteapanda

January 28, 2008

Category: Living

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I finally have caller ID on my mobile phone. Some providers, like SK Telecom, automatically provide subscribers with the service. Others do not. For the convenience of being able to see the number (and hence save numbers for future access much more easily), I have to pay 2,190KRW per month.

In the scheme of things, it is not much. Five minutes of talking time use up that much money on my expensive prepaid plan. However, I didn’t spend much more than that per month in China. In China, I used my phone a lot more for calling and for sending text messages.

At least I got it done. I first tried going to some of the English speaking mobile shops, and they insisted it was because my phone balance was too low. I had no reason to believe that, since my phone has never shown me the number of incoming calls. It wasn’t until I went to a shop and pointed it out to the Korean staffs did they know what to do.


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