Ahn Joong Keun (安重根) Memorial Hall

By greenteapanda

January 27, 2008

Category: Travel

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It seems that sometimes when I watch movies, such as 2009 Lost Memories, I am not aware of why it happens to be a culturally interesting movie. There is a lot of obvious Korean patriotism in that movie, but I wasn’t aware that the story of Ahn Joong Keun killing the leader of Japanese Korean occupation Ito Hirobumi was actually true. What I did not know was that though Harbin was actually controlled by Russia at the time, Ahn Joong Keun was tried under Japanese law for his patriotic murder of Ito Hirobumi.
Not many foreigners seem to go to this park and memorial – in fact it was the first time I stopped by myself. This despite the fact it is between two places visited by just about every tourist to Seoul – Namdaemun Market and Seoul (Namsan) Tower. I suppose it does not help that there is very little information not in Korean on the site. The only English at the memorial hall is outside on a stone rock and inside describing one of many exhibits in the Memorial Hall. They do have some cool statues though, and the public exercise machines were empty – great for somebody like me in need of a workout. At least very nice until my hands and feet seemed on the verge of frostbite, despite moving around.

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