Some motivation to study Korean

By greenteapanda

January 19, 2008

Category: Travel

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Today I finally took another Korean lesson. I hadn’t done so in about five weeks. I was surprised by how much I remembered – a lot of my classmates seemed to have much lower ability than they previously had. I need to study hard.

I have been looking into air tickets around Lunar New Year, and it seems that for most destinations, tickets are sold out. Even for places that wouldn’t be ideal, tickets are extremely expensive. Going to Mongolia, where the temperature at night would be around -30C, would cost around 600 Euros for the cheapest plane tickets. Same with the Sapporo Ice Festival. Even going to places in China nearby are expensive.

I will likely use the chance to learn some more Korean by visiting more places within Korea. Or North Korea, if I want to visit the resort mountain there…


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