Thank You Apple

I have been in the market for a new laptop that runs Mac OS X for awhile. I also want to save money for my next period of Chinese learning and then further learning using Chinese as the language of instruction. As Apple has failed to meet my expectations with the new MacBook Air, they have saved me a lot of money. Thank you!

Other than disaffected college students, I am not sure who would want one. The MacBook Air has two major problems straight away:
1.Only 1 USB port. Means constant swapping of items on the port or carrying around a powered hub in addition to the laptop itself. I have used up all four USB2 ports on my Mac Mini, all the ports on the keyboard, and I still have to swap items to do what I want.
2.No swappable battery. The battery only lasts 5 hours according to Apple, and that figure declines over time. My Samsung laptop battery lasted over 7 hours when I first got it. Now it lasts 10 minutes under optimum conditions.

I also have to wonder why they didn’t put a larger display on it, given how much space is available around the bezel. Is it because it is tough? If it survives a fall from several storeys high (obviously with the SSD option), I might just get one. Otherwise, I look forward to the other innovations appearing on the MacBook Pro, since that is the the machine that addresses my needs (non glossy display, adequate RAM support, discrete graphics support, battery swappability, USB, Firewire, gigabit ethernet, easier ability to swap drives when they fail or when there are larger ones to buy, etc.).


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