Cootie Catchers

By greenteapanda

January 14, 2008

Category: Education

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Another day, another time to think up unique ideas to use in the classroom. It so happened that when I was in Taiwan, I forgot how to make a cootie catcher. I even forgot the purpose. Guess I never had a bad case of cooties. Last night, I had the cootie catcher I made in Taiwan out of a folded hotel brochure on the floor.

I decided to make a game out of the cootie catcher. Rather than tell fortunes, the cootie catcher would have a verb under each number (since the purpose of classes I give the next few weeks is grammar awareness). Students would act out the verb they happen to get. Success! It was a good "head fake." Students got into the process of using the cootie catcher and forgot the purpose was to learn some verb conjugation, though they ended up moving toward that goal of mine in the process.

The difficulty is finding head fakes I can use to achive my goals. So time for me to think of some more for tomorrow morning…


One Response to “Cootie Catchers”

  1. Simply awesome!

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