Mambo #5

Today was an awesome day, the kind of day I wanted and kind of expected I would get in the winter in Korea. It snowed all day. Because I was up early to work on dances for school, when I got to school, I was the first to put my footprints in the freshly fallen snow. The person that salts the roads to melt the snow was just coming around as I went to school, so my entire walk to school was in wonderfully soft snow.

For the last sports period of the English camp, I did some dances. I got a recommendation from a friend to do the Electric Slide. Most videos of it were terrible, so it wasn’t until I found the original site of the guy that invented the dance that I felt confident about how to do the dance. I did it once with the original song. My friend also recommended Mambo #5, which is a fun song. The beat is very fast, and it was a great way to challenge all the students. We went over time, and they wanted to continue doing it!

The vast amount of snow allowed students to build snowpeople after the end of camp for the day.

When I got home, I found out I was on the last of my Korean green tea, so time to open up one of the bags of Japanese green tea I purchased while in Taiwan. Good thing I did, since I have two 100g bags that expire in less than a month. It is so nice to have great tea without the absurd amount of packaging that comes with the best Korean green teas I can buy in Insadong.


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