Convenience Store Bonus!

By greenteapanda

January 10, 2008

Category: Shopping


Taiwan seems to have many more convenience stores than any other place I know of. Actual supermarkets are not common outside of big cities, but almost every city has at least one convenience store. The town of Cingjing, which is really just one winding mountain road, has three.
I think a big part of the success of convenience stores in Taiwan has to do with marketing. Characters like Doraemon and Hello Kitty exist in other Asian countries, but it is only in Taiwan that 7-11 has a promotion to get Doraemon products. This time around, for every 77NT spent, you can obtain one Doraemon point. After 10 points (or 5 points plus 39NT), you can redeem the points for a Doraemon on some sort of transportation. While I was in Taiwan, I managed to get Doraemon on a bike and on a plane. Both have LED headlights that can be turned on.
I am not sure how they make a profit, since in many places outside the big cities, the convenience store is actually the cheapest place to acquire various basic food items like bottled tea or chocolate.
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2 Responses to “Convenience Store Bonus!”

  1. That\’s right! Convenience stores such as 7-11 and Family use lots of marketing strategies. As a result, there are no  or  very  little PR tactics used.  Or even we do , aweful! Look at our politics!

  2. I think marketing and PR go hand in hand. Marketing is to get you to buy things you don\’t want or need and can\’t afford. PR is for when the company screws up and sells you something unintentionally harmful or to put a positive spin on negative aspects. Marketing can be PR too! There are governments with considerably larger PR departments than Taiwan does… including a rather large one that is pretty close to Taiwan.

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