Treasure Hunt

By greenteapanda

January 9, 2008

Category: Education

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The other teachers of the English camp did not want to put a treasure hunt on the schedule, arguing it would be too much work. I argued for it, and given that I would be in charge of sports, it eventually came down to me considering it to be a "sport." The only actual sport played during the sports time at camp this year has been dodgeball (though others were planned). The dodgeball was Korean style, not western style, with a field. When students got out, they had to go outside of the field on the opposite side. In other words, it is more team oriented than the western style version (in which the person left in the middle is the winner). In Korean style volleyball, an entire team can win the game.

As for the massive preparation time, it was really not massive at all.  The questions only took about 30 minutes of thought and a walk around the school to construct. It did take a lot longer and a lot of help for students to figure out answers to those questions, however. Nonetheless, they all seemed really excited about it, running around the school to find answers to the questions. It might be the part of camp they will end up having enjoyed the most.


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