Eating Sh*t

For a long time, I have wanted to visit the restaurant in Taipei that is themed like a toilet.

Last night, I finally made it. It turns out to be a chain called Modern Toilet. They have locations around Taiwan, though I went to the Ximending location (closest to Ximen station, exit 6). Inside the restaurant, seating is fashioned out of toilet seats. Unfortunately, they are not usable as toilets, since there was no water in the bowl and no way one might actually flush the said toilets. Tables either resembled kitchen sinks or bathtubs with a glass top depending on the size. In the actual WC, the sink was a toilet with the faucet going through the toilet seat cover. The toilets there were the standard western urinal and commode.


They are open until 10:30pm, but they take last orders at 9:30pm. They did not seem strict with that rule, since some other people came in after that time and were served.

The menu is mostly made of set menus, which include a main dish, a drink, and ice cream at the end. For an extra 30NT (less than 1USD), it is possible to get the drink served in a urinal container as one would use if there was no nearby toilets. I of course got one of those.

My friend with me ordered a hot pot meal. The hot pot meal is served in something that looks like a western-style toilet.

Orders of chips and ice cream get served on a plate resembling an Asian-style toilet. Unlike other pictures I saw on the Internet before, the ice cream did not resemble a pile of poo poo.

The food was alright, so I can’t say it was sh*tty. It did, however, look like sh*t on my camera due to the lighting.  Time to take a crap…


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