Taroko Gorge 太魯閣

By greenteapanda

December 27, 2007

Category: Travel

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I finally made it there! Of course, now I have some new goals as I learn more about the eastern side of Taiwan.


Tunnel of Nine Turns area:

A memorial for Chiang Kai Shek’s mother:


Old Hehuan Trail, built by the Japanese…


There are hostels and a 5-star hotel in Tianxiang, a small village in the middle of the Taroko Gorge park area, but I did it as a day trip from Hualian (taking the first bus there and the last bus back. In the summer there might have been more to do, but I was only able to hike two and a half trails (Lushui-Holiu Trail, Huoran Pavlion Trail, and the Baiyang Trail). Maybe I should just say two, since the famous Baiyang trail still has the tunnels with water curtains inside drenching hikers closed.

The half trail was because the Huoran Pavilion trail was closed after the summit due to rockslides. I did like that trail the best, since it was steep enough to discourage most people from climbing it. I ended up removing my sweatshirt on it, then my T-shirt, and then my long pants. I was cool in the morning with the thermal pants, gloves, cap, and wool sweater. However, I only needed my underwear to be more than warm on that particular trail. I did not need to be super self conscious about wearing a full set of clothing like I have to climbing mountains in Korea.

There is a Buddhist temple right by Tianxiang, so there was no problem getting vegetarian food on my journey.

My camera can’t do the place justice. I’d need a fisheye lens to demonstrate the immensity of the rocks in the park.


Not to mention all the things that aren’t rocks in the park.


But still, the big thing is the rocks, so some more pictures of those:



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