Lonely Planet

By greenteapanda

December 26, 2007

Category: Travel


A lot of people like to use Lonely Planet travel books when they go someplace. For Taiwan, it is one of the two English options when buying books.

I did not buy the Taiwanese Lonely Planet, but one of my friends here lent me a copy. It has mostly been a waste of time. Recommended vegetarian restaurants move, museums that are closed, maps that are wrong, and the list goes on. In many cases, I would be better off if I had not looked at the Lonely Planet in the first place. In other words, it is about as worthless as the Lonely Planet guides targeting southwest China.

So far the only thing that has been accurate in the Lonely Planet Taiwan book was a hotel in Suao that had both cold spring and hot spring water available. Suao happens to be the only place in Taiwan that has a cold spring. It wasn’t cold, but it was a lot easier for me to soak for several hours since I did not need to get used to the heat.


2 Responses to “Lonely Planet”

  1. I am so sorry.  I will throw the book away…or you can burn the guide book right away so you don\’t have to carry it long way to let me dispose it….:(

  2. Don\’t be sorry, be happy! At least I had things to do because I was constantly searching for places that supposedly existed.

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