Luggage Repair

By greenteapanda

December 21, 2007

Category: Travel

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The zipper broke on a large bag I have when I tried to force too many items into it and close it at Costco. No matter what I did, I could not fix the problem with the zipper because the end that should always be closed was open, and under some other fabric.

I decided to search the Internet for some obvious solution I might have been missing. That search resulted in me finding this article about creating a new zipper stop with thread. After that, I went to the store and looked in the 1000 won section for a small sewing kit to make the stop with. I found what I needed, and they even had a kit with the unusual colour of my bag.

Hopefully my handiwork will stay together – my hands don’t have the kind of dexterity needed for sewing. At least I have saved an otherwise good quality bag that would have cost me much, much more than 1000 won to replace.


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