Work Work Work

By greenteapanda

December 19, 2007

Category: Education

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Today presidential elections are being held in Korea, so all schools are closed. They need them as polling places. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I don’t have work to do. I still have to prepare for my school’s upcoming English Camp.

It is better for me to work at home, since my  own Mac has a lot more memory and computing power than the choices I have at school. The air is better and there is not the construction noise I put up with at school as they build a new cafeteria.

I have, however come across some limitations as I test the capabilities of the software on this Mac. GraphicConverter, which I have used as a poor man’s Photoshop, seems to still be based on 32-bit code. The program will not use more than 2GB of memory, so it would not let me make images in A1 size at a decent resolution. I got some cryptic error messages though, so knowing why it wouldn’t work took some research. I suppose it is just as well, because something that tests the limits of software on my own Mac will surely overwhelm the school computers.

My work will continue in another way at dinner, I will be meeting a knowledgeable teacher for dinner that will likely give off some ideas about how I can improve things in my school situation. Looking forward to that and the change in food.

Update 2007/12/20: A lot of the work really did not need to get done yesterday. While I was told it was the deadline for the parent’s association to accept materials to be made, it turns out they can’t do things like print out graphics files at 200dpi. They have computers that are capable of that, but they haven’t been trained to use them. They also don’t know how to use the plotter, which is the only thing that can print on paper larger than A4.


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