Making Rice Cake

By greenteapanda

December 13, 2007

Category: Food and drink

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This week I was asked to come to the school meeting room to make Korean Rice Cake. It was a kind of teacher bonding thing. Korean Rice Cake is a kind of dessert, though it is not something I particularly care for. It reminds me a lot of Chinese Tangyuan (湯圓), though it is just a separate cake and not a bunch of balls with filling in a sugary soup. I love Tangyuan because the part surrounding the filling is minimal.

Korean Rice Cake is a lot more about the rice caking surrounding the filling rather than the filling itself. Rice cake is basically white rice that has been made into a powder by pounding. I might like Korean Rice Cake if it were made by crushing brown rice, but I’ve yet to see brown rice powder used in this way. Maybe if I have a lot of free cooking time, I will try that.

Anyhow, a lot of delicious red bean paste:


Red bean paste being made into balls, with rice cake material nearby:


The finished product:


I was under duress to try the finished product. Naturally, I had been making rice cake with the minimum amount of rice cake material surrounding the centre. I had been putting these onto the common plate. But these are not the rice cakes I got when it was split up – I got the rice cakes with minimal filling. Everybody got a box. I promptly put my box into the freezer, where I have ‘forgotten’ about it. Since it doesn’t have my name, nobody will know it was mine.

Things to do: learn how to make 湯圓.


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  1. i am the first one ?^_^

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