Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By greenteapanda

December 12, 2007

Category: Living

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When I was at MIT, there was a reuse mailing list where people posted things they did not want anymore. At MIT, there was a treasure trove of computer parts being given away. There were other things as well.

I didn’t expect that as a result of the new cafeteria being built in my school, a lot of furniture would get thrown out. I happened to notice that there was a truck taking away a lot of furniture, likely for disposal. In the pile of furniture, I saw a nice, high leather-back chair. Further inspection revealed that the chair tilts slightly to the right and has a level-adjustment tube that is shot (so it always goes back to the lowest level).

I can’t complain, it was free. And it is much more comfortable than the kitchen chair I used to sit in front of the computer before. A lot of foreigners get nice furniture from Korean people’s garbage. They want the latest things… but a lot of foreigners are just interested in the functionality. At least speaking for myself.


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