By greenteapanda

December 10, 2007

Category: Education

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Unlike, say, the USA, there is apparently no stipulation that construction workers stop working or do something more quietly while school is in session. The level beneath my classroom is being cleared out to make a new cafeteria.

While they worked on the weekend, they could not finish whatever jackhammering they had to do, because it is very noisy. The noise is making the students restless and somewhat difficult to control. I don’t blame them, I’d be the same way.

The noise still disregards the smoking of the construction workers as well as all the nice wonderful chemicals being released into the air from the cement being broken up. The school has been around a long, long time – so it would not surprise me in the least if there was asbestos in that cement. Unless the cement pre-dates the invention of asbestos, which also seems like a possibility.


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