Finished with Lost Season 3

By greenteapanda

December 9, 2007

Category: Living


Thanks to things like the Slingbox, I have finished watching the third season of Lost. The season brings up the question – if you were stuck on an island for awhile, would it really be better to leave? For people that are attached, that answer might be yes. However, most of the people on Lost do not have meaningful attachments to people off the island.

If they did go back, possibly to have the difficulties and hardships of modern life, would it be possible to return to the island as it was?

There are islands that are locatable that have properties similar to the island in Lost. Lost is filmed in Hawaii, so of course those islands have similarities to the fictional world of Lost. I don’t remember my only visit to Hawaii. However, I did live in China’s Hawaii – Hainan.

I immediately thought of some similarities between the Lost island and Hainan:

  • Many of the native people don’t want to leave, even if they have the opportunities to do so. I knew more than a few that gave up better jobs and better opportunities in the material world because Hainan offers people something beyond that. 
  • The Lost world is almost like a prison colony – the UK Channel 4 ad for Lost season 2 does a wonderful job of demonstrating this. Hainan was once the prison colony of China, where corrupt officials were exiled because it was thought of as hell on earth.
  •  An abundance of excellent tropical fruit.
  • Good weather and clean air
  • Extreme difficulty in accessing the outside world – there is Internet access, but it is slow, and can be quite a chore to access certain items. Not only things blocked by the Great Firewall of China, but also things like Google Video that block because they don’t want to provide service to China.
  • Finding random religious places in the middle of the jungle. For Hainan, things like abandoned temples that have clean water coming from wells
  • People speak different languages to talk with different people. Even in Chinese, to talk to a wide range of people in Hainan, it is necessary to know several Chinese dialects.

I should admit the differences as well:

  • Hainanese people are very friendly and get along with each other (as opposed to Lost Island and different groups distrusting each other).
  • Not a good idea to swim in the waters facing the mainland of China, because of pollution (versus the things that might be down there surrounding the Lost island).

2 Responses to “Finished with Lost Season 3”

  1. I am only part way through Season 3.It seems the people on the island developed "Stockholm Syndrome" which is defined by as "an
    emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of
    continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival."

  2. How does that explain the flashforwards/flashbacks of Jack? Is it just his imagination? It seemed inconsistent since in the last episode, he becomes addicted in the thought sequences.
    On the one hand, he argues with his superior over his use of medications, and says he will leave if he is any drunker than his dad. We know that his dad died prior to Jack arriving on the island – so this would indicate the thoughts are like many others on Lost – a flashback.
    On the other hand, at the end, Jack meets Kate by the airport and talks about having his special flight card that allows him to fly anywhere for free – something that would likely be given to survivors of a plane crash. He admits he flies a lot because he wants there to be a plane crash. It is like he wants to go back to something like the island already – a flashforward.
    Or maybe it is both? Is there an element of time that is being warped by the island, an element we have not yet been introduced to by the series? 

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