Spaghetti Burrito

I had some leftover spaghetti sauce I wanted to use. I also had the last of a bottle of salsa, the last of a tub of guacamole, and no rice. I wanted to make a burrito.

As noodles are also a carbohydrate, It occurred to me that I could try making a spaghetti burrito. After all, not long after I arrived in Korea this time around I had pasta in an ice cream cone, with some yoghurt underneath. I didn’t eat the yoghurt part, but the spaghetti on top wasn’t bad.

The verdict? A spaghetti burrito is too watery. Though I drained the noodles before placing them into the burrito, the amount of moisture let off from the spaghetti meant it dripped.  There was also a very noticeable shift in flavour, far bigger than the difference between white and brown rice in the burrito. The noodles only added texture. Even with the spicy salsa I used, the spaghetti sauce, the vegetables I added (including onions), the overpowering taste in the burrito ended up being the tortilla shell. It almost seemed as if I were eating a solid block of tortilla.


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