A panda? What is that?!?

By greenteapanda

December 2, 2007

Category: Animals

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Yesterday I met a new person, not from Korea. As we talked about ourselves and our interests, I talked about what a panda is. However, this guy did not know what a panda was, speaking in English. One of my other friends thought he might be able to speak some Chinese (though he is not Chinese or from China), so I wrote down the Chinese characters for ‘panda’ and said it. I even drew a picture. Still nothing.

Saying things like "It is a bear. It is the most famous animal in China." did not help either. He nodded, but it was obviously a completely foreign concept. I may as well have been describing an alien civilisation.

He tried looking it up on his mobile phone, and still had no clue. Most three year olds have basic knowledge about the panda, no matter where they are. But apparently not all.

I don’t think it was confusion with the term some UK policemen give to their transport, given those are painted in black and white. Mentioning those would have confused him even more…


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