Cheap Stuff

By greenteapanda

November 30, 2007

Category: Shopping

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I have been mostly getting by with the clothes I had from before. They have been deteriorating over time. Some of my pants like to automatically open the fly. Some students smile, point it out, and I close it up. This week I got another comment along with the one alerting me. "Did you buy those at Nandaemun?"

Nandaemun is a place where many tourists go to get deals on cameras. There are also a lot of cheap clothes there, at much less cost than in department stores. For the most part, one can tell the clothes are cheap. I recently bought a ski cap, which got comments about looking like a thief. But it did not look cheap… and incidentally it wasn’t – I bought it at Muji (a Japanese store).

If you do buy something in Nandaemun, and you want face with Koreans, you won’t tell them you bought the item there. You bought it somewhere else…


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