First Snow

By greenteapanda

November 20, 2007

Category: Living

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Although it got down to -7°C yesterday, it wasn’t until sometime during the night, somewhere above 0°C that it snowed.
In Korea, most schools have a very large dirt yard. No grass, no plants, no obstacles, just dirt. When I arrived at school this morning, the large dirt yard was covered with a large, thin layer of ice. The snow obviously had melted, then refrozen. It gives me a new idea for shoes. In warmer climates, shoes that convert to rollerblades with the press of a button are sold. It seems that shoes that convert to ice skates would be quite useful here.
Of course, now that I want it to get colder, it is beginning to get warmer. Just warm enough that puddles won’t freeze and snow won’t accumulate.

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