Lost and Nigeria

By greenteapanda

November 18, 2007

Category: Travel


Lately I have been watching episodes of Lost on DVD. I find it to be quite interesting because of the supernatural aspect of the show and the fact it brings up questions of why people choose to do certain things. Sometimes it is because they believe it to be the most important thing to do. Sometimes it is aimless.

Anyhow, although a lot of things in the show could not be proven or disproven due to the faith aspect, there was one I thought was worth investigating. There is a person who is a priest from Africa. This man was on the same flight as the others that crashed by the island on which the story takes place – a flight apparently from Sydney to Los Angeles. The purpose was for him to get to Los Angeles from Nigeria. However, it seemed to me that any likely routing from Nigeria would go the other way around the world – maybe passing through New York in order to get to Los Angeles.

Expedia for some reason does not recognise the airport code for Lagos, Nigeria (LOS). But I was able to search for flights on Travelocity. The flights available in this list all went via Paris or Frankfurt, and would take 22 hours to get from Lagos to LAX. It also appears that one could use Virgin Nigeria to make the trip via London. Out of interest, I did Lagos to Sydney as a separate search. Only one result appeared, for South African airways flying via Johannesburg, South Africa. The time from Lagos to Sydney would be 30 hours and 30 minutes. Assuming one could make a one hour layover in Sydney without losting luggage, an additional 13 hours would be needed to get to LAX. For a more likely layover length, it would take 16 more hours. To summarise: about 22 hours heading west, around 48 hours heading east to LAX.


2 Responses to “Lost and Nigeria”

  1. I am surprised the interface at spaces allows one to input an email address other than the hotmail account that one uses to log in.Interesting snafu that you caught there on the flight schedules and durations. Season 3 I think is available free via http://www.abc.com, though the DVD\’s are nicer to watch. In the commentaries of those DVD\’s there are speculations as to what i is really going happening on the island. Is it an alien experiment? Have the passengers already died and living in the next dimension? A Japanese friend of mine in NYC introduced me to "Lost" and on thefacebook.com, I see that it is the number 1 show in the MIT community, with "House, MD", another favorite series of mine, being fifth. The actor who plays the former Iraqi torturer has a smooth sounding British accent in real life.

  2. Season 3 DVDs are not available yet, correct? If I try to go to the ABC site to watch episodes of Lost, I hit up against more regional barriers:"Only viewers within the United States can watch these full-length episodes."

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