Networking Rant

I have my nice new Mac Mini which works great for a lot of things (despite being deficient in the RAM department for now). I still can’t buy many things online in Korea with it, since the payment software on most sites requires Windows.

I could use my old laptop for that, but that is made more difficult unnecessarily. My old laptop has wireless. Mac OS 10.5 is supposed to be able to share an Internet connection. Mac OS 10.5 shares the connection for about 1 minute before it decides to become unreachable. If I restart the Mac, I can get another minute of wireless connectivity from my Samsung laptop. In order to place an order, I have to unplug the Mac Mini from the cable modem, turn the cable modem off, turn it back on, and then connect the laptop. 

I know there is the option of using Boot Camp, but that would require a Windows license to use the payment software, ot it would require using VMWare or Parallels (both of which have issues themselves on 10.5, even discounting the fact I don’t yet have enough RAM to run a virtual machine).

The purchasing thing is not what is hindering my ability to buy RAM online at the moment, it is a separate problem.

Another annoying problem yet to be fixed on Mac OS 10.5 is that the system software changes the checksum of networking software before it will let it run. Basically, it is modifying program code. Programs like Skype checksum themselves to make sure hackers have not damaged the software, but since the software is inserting its own code into the Skype program, Skype won’t run. The way around this is to lock all the executable files within the Skype application bundle. It took me awhile to figure out though.

So far I’d have to say the changed firewall in 10.5 is even worse than the Stacks feature a lot of people are complaining about. At least the rest of the system works well.


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