Green Tea Kit Kat

By greenteapanda

October 30, 2007

Category: Food and drink

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Kit Kat in Japan is highly popular and has a more interesting lineup of flavours compared to other places. Perhaps it was auspicious that Kit Kat came to Japan at the same time as the first pandas in Japan (1973).

When I lived in Japan, there was a period of time when the special flavour of kit kat was Uji green tea. It was 2004, according to the Breaktown Museum (Breaktown is the Japanese Kit Kat site).  As far as I can tell, the special flavours right now are Vanilla Beans and Cookies & Milk.

Thus, much to my surprise when shopping tonight, bonus packages attached to the bulk bags of regular Kit Kat contained none other than Japanese Uji Green Tea Kit Kat. The bulk bags have information in Korean, but the Green Tea Kit Kat packaging is entirely in Japanese.


I bought two bulk bags. I searched high and low, but did not see the Green Tea Kit Kat available as a separate product. My students will be very happy to get some extra Kit Kat for Halloween tomorrow, but I will be keeping the Green Tea Kit Kat mostly to myself.


One Response to “Green Tea Kit Kat”

  1. That Green Tea Kit-Kat is awesome! Thanks for the batch you sent before (It was like a whole box, as I recall!).

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