By greenteapanda

October 28, 2007

Category: Living

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Today I finally purchased a vacuum cleaner for my apartment. While I do have an air purifier to clean the air, it doesn’t seem to do anything about dust on various surfaces or about the dust that comes from outside or the continued shedding of certain textiles I have.

I got an LG model, partly because it claimed to have HEPA filtration. It was cheaper than a weaker Samsung model and much cheaper than imported brands.  In any case, after using it, I am quite impressed. Unlike other vacuum cleaners I have used, the air intake and outtakes are in the middle of the wheels. That means when I pull on the hose to vacuum something up high, the air going out does not get blown into the floor (or weaken the suction power of the vacuum because the floor is impeding the flow of air leaving the vacuum cleaner).

The feeling of the vacuum is much higher quality than other models I have used. It may have something to do with the fact this vacuum cleaner was made in Korea, but the designers obviously thought through the purpose of the machine very well.


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