Building blocks

It has been quite awhile since I’ve purchased Jenga blocks, but last night I got some for free courtesy of Tiger Beer. Apparently, if a person buys one bottle of Tiger beer, they can choose from the set of blocks OR they can get a lighter. To get both, you actually have to order four bottles of beer.

Since I was in a group, the requirement for four bottles wasn’t too bad, though I would have rather just bought the promotional Jenga game outright. One Tiger beer in the bar cost 6,500 won (thankfully at a bar that did not require us to buy side dishes as well as drinks). In China, the same bottle of Tiger beer would cost about 5RMB (roughly one-tenth of the cost). I don’t know how much Tiger beer costs in the supermarket, since I don’t consume alcohol at home, but I imagine there was plenty of margin to work with to give us the set of blocks.

At least the Tiger Beer logo is merely printed on the blocks. That means I can paint over them and cut them up to make Cuisenaire rods for some of my classes. In case you wondered, yes, the whole point of drinking extra beer was to obtain the blocks for use in class.


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