Will it blend?

By greenteapanda

October 25, 2007

Category: Entertainment

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I happened to come across a site for BlendTec blenders today. It appealed to the part of me that has destroyed three different microwaves by inserting metallic objects that do not belong inside. On their website, they have a whole slew of items that they put into their blender to see what will happen. Toys, glo-sticks, a video camera (the store Best Buy wouldn’t take it back after it was blended), an iPhone, credit cards, etc. The most exciting one to watch has the host blending Bic lighters that subsequently explode inside the blender.

They do a live show, where they claim to blend a rake. I was quite disappointed that they only blended the handle. The handle apparently doesn’t always blend (because it can put so much material into the bucket the motor shuts off for safety reasons), but I wanted to see how they would blend the actual rake part of the rake. They didn’t say they were blending a "rake handle", they said they were blending a "rake."

Things I am disappointed by:

  1. There is an episode where they claim they will blend a crowbar, but other people have mobile phones that ring. They blend the mobile phones instead. The iPhone lasted quite a bit longer in the blender than the other mobile phones placed in the blender together, if it counts for anything. The blended iPhone was sold on eBay. The winning bid, by "NewMediaVentures" makes it seem like it was all advertising, though the next highest bid was for 900USD.
  2. There does not seem to be any episode where they blend another brand of blender one of their own. It is already quite apparent the blender is strong, but I want to see it meet its match.
  3. They don’t seem to have a standard 220V model I could use here in Korea. It is designed for the US market, so it will only work with 110V power. It does save me 400USD in the short term, but I have completely worn out cheaper blenders in as little as two weeks.

For making smoothies, this Waring blender is just about as good, and a quarter of the cost – if no ice is involved.


One Response to “Will it blend?”

  1. Awesome! I like the idea of blending credit cards. Breaking the shackle!

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