Wheel of Fortune

By greenteapanda

October 23, 2007

Category: Education

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I had the idea of playing Wheel of Fortune with one of my classes. While I could write price values on cards, I thought it would be much cooler to construct an actual wheel. After having some issues with various glues melting the foam core backing, I had a wheel.

At that point, there was no way to actually make the wheel spin. The wheel is too heavy to just stick a tack through, and the hole would probably get pretty big over time since there would be no reinforcement. I scoured the supply room at school, but I did not find anything that had a small enough coefficient of friction to glide smoothly.

I decided I would make use of materials at home. I thought about using a scotch tape dispenser and some other pipe-like thing, but I figured it would break too easily. With the effort I have put into the wheel, I wanted to have the opportunity to use it again. I went to the store, and found that the diameter of a pringles can and the diameter of a gift can of powdered green tea were very similar. I bought both (the Pringles being more expensive than any other country I’ve been in). Since both have metal on the end, I expect lubricating the axle will work better than with plastic.

As a side bonus, I have some more green tea to drink.


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