Running old Mac apps

Since I will soon be using a Mac again, I’d be interested in using some of my old applications, including some games more than 10 years old. It would also allow me to use a decent word processing program (Wordperfect 3.5). Microsoft Word and OpenOffice both have poorly-thought-out interfaces and are slow. Word also costs money (Wordperfect 3.5 was given away for free by Novell back in the day).

It has become apparent that Mac OS 10.5 no longer supports the Classic environment, even if you are using a PPC computer that could use the Classic environment just fine in Mac OS 10.4.

Macs made after the end of 2002 cannot boot into Mac OS 9, so that means the last computer I have (that still works) for running Mac OS 9 Apps is my first Mac – a Power Macintosh 8500, purchased back in 1995. While that computer was upgradable and could eventually run early versions of OS X and have a G3 processor, Apple today doesn’t care much about either forward or backward compatibility.

There is an emulation program called Sheepsaver, but it doesn’t work for all programs, nor is it particularly stable. According to websites dedicated to the subject, I might be better off running a Mac emulator under Windows:

It may very well be easier to make a Mac emulator run on Windows rather than a Mac because the base system does not change much over time. The last release of Mac OS 9 came out in December 2001. Windows XP came out in October 2001. XP is still sold new and works on modern hardware. OS 9 must be emulated to work on modern hardware. At least new Macs can run Windows virtualization products much better than in the past… a Mac within Windows on a Mac.


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