Work Computing

My computer at school is quite slow, not being a new one like most teachers have. In fact, my computer was apparently one that used to be in the library. Based on the BIOS, it is at least 4 years old. It has a 2.4GHz processor, but my underclocked 800MHz laptop with a hard disk from 2001 runs circles around the computer given to me for use at school.

There is a range of software on the school computer, but most of the programs I have downloaded for free work better than the commercially licensed software on the school computer. Most of the computers at school have a virus on them that sends personal information to some website. Anytime I put a USB key in my laptop that was previously connected to a school computer, AOL Active Virus Shield immediately detects it and gives me the option to delete it. The virus software used by the school doesn’t even notice the virus.

I took the liberty of deleting software on the school computer that I could find better free software equivalents for. That made the computer slightly faster, but still much slower than my own laptop. It would have ended there, but last week, I needed to use my co-teacher’s computer to display things on the TV in front of class. My own computer is not hooked up to the TV. The co-teacher decided to use my school computer, and became quite frustrated by the sluggishness. Her school computer is a new Core 2 Duo with a lot of ram, though it is also hobbled by Windows.

My co-teacher decided to ask the school IT person to fix the problem. The IT person went around disabling things that made no difference in speed. She installed a different Korean anti-virus software program on both my and my co-teacher’s computers. That anti-virus software also does not detect the virus that the free AOL Active Virus Shield (a free version of Kapersky’s anti virus product) is able to. It did detect things that were not viruses, and ended up messing up my school computer even more than it already was. It did things like disable the firewall in Windows.

If it were up to me, I would wipe the hard disk on that computer and install Linux, but the school has unfortunately chosen to use a proprietary instant messaging system. Perhaps I should just ask them to remove the computer. As it stands now, all it is good at is wasting desk space.


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