Permanent Ink

By greenteapanda

October 18, 2007

Category: Education

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Today I had to teach a class in a classroom I don’t normally teach in. As it was a class I was to teach on my own, I made use of the available implements to write on the board. I did not see any chalk, so I decided to use the whiteboard in the classroom. There was a box next to it with red, blue, and black markers.

I began writing on the board with the said markers.  When I picked up the black marker, I noticed that it said "Magic" on it. I thought that was an interesting thing to put on a Korean marker – since other people would interpret that as a permanent marker. In any case, I didn’t really think about if the pen could be a permanent marker or not. I began to write using the black ink. Students began laughing. They pointed in my direction. I stopped writing, check my clothing to make sure nothing fell off or was open, but did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

After I had written five or six words in the black ink, a student came up (since I wasn’t understanding his Korean), and handed me a red marker. I hadn’t been planning to write what I had been writing in red ink, but I soon guessed that the black marker was in fact a permanent marker. I tried using the whiteboard eraser, and as students might have expected, it did not erase the things I had written with the black pen.

I immediately opened the door, taking the whiteboard eraser with me. I put drinking fountain water onto the whiteboard eraser, then returned to the classroom. Some hard scrubbing with the wet eraser broke up the black ink, and allowed me to wipe off the edges with tissue procured from the usual teacher’s desk. Instead of laughter, that time I got applause. Their whiteboard would continue to be useful as a whiteboard in the future. Then I began the lesson as I normally do.


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